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foundersAcoustic Sensing Technology (UK) Ltd was created in 2013, as a new Company, with investment from the North West Fund managed by 350 Investment Partners to provide new technology for the water industry and for other industries, both in the UK and worldwide.

Two of the founders are Nick Hawkins, Chief Executive, and Richard Long, Director of Technology. The other founders, who are Consultants to the Company, are Sheffield University Professors Kirill Horoshenkov and Simon Tait, who previously worked at The University of Bradford.


The first product from AST is the SewerBatt™ which uses acoustics to locate very quickly blockages and structural defects, determine the pipe length and the serviceability of the pipe. The resultant data can easily be stored and compared with future tests to show deterioration over time. The idea for this came from lifelong Water Industry man Richard Long, and was developed by what was then the University of Bradford team.

Piers Clarke is Thames Water’s Commercial Director has, described SewerBatt as “a phenomenal technology”.

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…on the whole this is a very impressive system, easy to use, and reduces catch-pit entry. Very good if you are after a quick solution to possible collapses in the various runs.

Aaron Turner, Project Manager, UKDN Waterflow


The SewerBatt™ work won The Royal Society’s Brian Mercer Award for innovation for Prof. Horoshenkov. It has had very successful trials for several UK and international Water Companies, and was in the final shortlist in the Innovation category at the March 2013 WIAA awards. In October 2013 at The Institute of Water/ Anglian Water Dragons Den event, we were given the “Silver Medal” – 2nd place out of 10 projects, and SewerBatt was voted the Outstanding Innovative Product at the British Water/Southern Water Innovation Day in November 2013.

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